Will consider selling soul for new phone….

"I don’t know whether he owes me forever because he’s screwing my best friend or I owe him because you both needed it so badly…"
- Maxwell ‘TF’ Baum

So yesterday I wrote about how nice it is to sleep next to someone…

Today, I’d like to explain something else. I am naturally more of a night owl but during school I keep pretty regular hours, so I typically start passing out around 1AM that way my body naturally wakes up around 830-9AM.

Well, when your boyfriend is the type that LOVES getting a ton of sleep, you have two options: wake him up (mean and you will feel bad about it sooner or later.) or let him sleep (very reminiscent of sleepovers back in the day).

Moral of the story, I’m laying here watching my boyfriend sleep and scrolling through tumblr because I have nothing better to do.